Smoke Signal

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Smoke Signal software delivers personalized verbal, text, and e-mail messages that save time, increase security, and document connections. Use Smoke Signal software to send a personalized voice, SMS (text), or e-mail message to those you need to reach about appointments, upcoming events, even an emergency. Stop paying for staff to remind, recruit, and inform. Use Smoke Signal to schedule, alert and enlist people-clients, volunteers, students, customers, etc.

Who uses Smoke Signal?

  • Doctors can remind patients of an upcoming appointment.
  • Teams can announce a schedule or location change for a meeting, pratice, or game.
  • Instructors send a message to parents or students about concerns of upcoming events.
  • Useful for clubs, religious organizations, fraternal organizations.
  • Any business can send a Smoke Signal.


Why send a smoke signal?

  • Document Results – After a smoke signal is sent, you get a report including the text of the message, time sent, name, and number it was sent to.
  • Reduce Expenses – Your staff will no longer need to make contact calls or to send reminders. Experience fewer missed appointments.
  • Ensure a Communication was Received – Important messages can be overlooked. Now you can flag a recently sent message or send an ALERT to a future message.
  • Save Time – Instead of just sending an email, which may or may not be read immediately, send a text message that is immediate.