IT serviceSchedule bells and sounds, anywhere you need them.

OnTime4Class is a feature rich software that allows you to setup a schedule for sounds or voice announcements over a paging system. With it’s easy to use interface you can easily view, print, and schedule your announcements.

Schedule Features

  • Zone Paging – Each class or school grouping can have a separate announcement.
  • Long Range Planning – Schedule up to 18 months in advance.
  • Schedule Override – Change the schedule for special events


Paging Zone Features

  • 100 Zone Capability – Each can ave its own sound or voice announcement
  • Single Room Paging – Customize a bell or announcement for each classroom.
  • Optional Relay – Use existing bells with our software.


Tone Features

  • Over 20 Tones Included – Choose the tone you want right away.
  • Drag and Drop – Add new tones with ease.
  • Record your own tone or announcement.


Alert Features

  • Preset alarms – Have preset messages for Tornado warnings or intruder alert.
  • 911 Alert – Trigger an alarm if someone dials 911.