InnService for Strata® CIX

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InnService software is the complete solution for your hospitality needs. Integrated with a Toshiba Strata® CIX phone system and your current property management system, InnService adds robust additional features. More than just call accounting, our software is designed to manage your business expenses. Track guest calls, so they can be paid during checkout. Track your phone line usage, to see if you need more phone lines or reduce your number.

InnService integrates with the most popular property management systems on the market. Systems such as MICROS®, Springer MillerSMS, InnQuest®, SoftBrandsTM, Multi-Systems©, Lodgical Solutions TM, Galaxy Hotel SystemsTM, Brilliant Hotel Software©, Choice®, and Execu/TechTM Systems.

Manage Your Budget

  • Track Guest Calls – Manages billing for your guests local and long distance.
  • Line Usage Data – Shows if your using too few or too many lines.
  • Phone Rate Reports – Shows a snapshot of cost versus telephone operating expenses.
  • Detailed Call Accounting – Full Call Accounting. List calls by Department/Extension or Account Code. View Frequently dialed numbers and much more.


Personalize Your Guest Services

  • Wake-up Call Report – See when a wake-up call was made and acknowledged by the guest.
  • Wake-up Call Messages – Change the recording for your guest every day.
  • Automatic Activation – When a guest checks out automatically clears the voicemail box of each phone.


Streamline your operations

  • Real-time Alerts – Notifies the front desk and other specified locations of 911 calls.
  • Room Status Indicators- Automatic status that restricts dialing when room is being cleaned or is occupied.
  • Telephone calls are posted to the property management system automatically.


Increase guest satisfaction

  • Multiple Wake-up Calls – Help avoid guests from missing appointments.
  • Real-time Pricing – Pricing of the call can occur at the time of the call.
  • Guests can verify and change their own wake-up times.