Cloud ReAction

IT serviceThe Most Complete Alert System

Cloud ReAction is a solution that provides alert capability from any Android phone. From your cell phone you can trigger a voice announcement, trigger a horn, alert staff of an emergency, call the police or fire to help, and much more. Cloud ReAction is perfect for senior living centers, hospitals, factories, and schools. It also integrates seamlessly with your current technology. Have a paging system? Cloud ReAction can activate a pre-recorded message.

Ultimate software works together. Cloud ReAction works together in conjunction with your Call Accounting, Appointment Reminder, InnService, or Ontime4Anything software.

IT serviceHow it Works

Cloud ReAction is a blend of onsite software, hardware, and cloud services. Enhance all communications and respond to real-time events as needed. Our modular design allows you to expand as needed and start with a limited budget.

Cloud ReAction blends the phones, paging, and local networks with wired and wireless systems that then be
used for:

  • Schools (from preschools to district-wide applications)
  • Faith based organizations
  • Civil service buildings
  • Factories – manufacturing
  • Transportation and entertainment centers