Call Accounting

IT serviceMaximizing Communications – Increasing Accountability

Ultimate call accounting delivers maximizes your business potential by tracking your calls to keep expenses under control. On average, over 22% of calls made during business hours are not related to business leading to lost productivity, revenue, and higher costs for your business. As a call monitoring tool, ultimate call accounting invaluable for your business. Is your call center not producing the volume of calls you want? Jill and Jane taking breaks at the same time? With call accounting it’s not about what you know, it’s about finding out what you didn’t know was happening.

Ultimate call accounting delivers:

  • Deliver Reports Automatically – Ultimate Call Accounting delivers automated reports to a printer,a shared drive or via e-mail.
  • Real Time Analysis – Ultimate call accounting process the data in real time eliminating the need to wait for your reports or determine who dialed 911.
  • Centralized Call Accounting – Have multiple phone systems? Centralize all of your call accounting in one location streamlining your accounting.
  • True Traffic Studies – Ultimate call accounting displays precise times when all of your circuits are in use. Know when your customers are getting a busy signal or when it’s time to remove lines.
  • Custom Development – Ultimate! CareGiver that monitors and reports on the safety of elderly residents; special cost programs for hotels in other countries; reports on hold, talk and ring time for approved phone systems; and tracking the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns with Ultimate!
  • Ad Tracker – Helping you make wise decisions as consumers respond to new trends (e.g., internet, cable programming and regional economic changes). Ultimate! helps keep your finger on the pulse of the public with DNIS tracking



IT serviceTraffic Studies

90% of telephone systems have too many lines.
The traffic analysis (illustrated to the left) provided by Ultimate! can save your company money if it shows you’re paying for phone lines you don’t need. The same analysis can also lead to increased sales if it shows customers are getting a busy signal because there aren’t presently enough lines to handle all their calls. Ultimate! is capable of providing additional information to help you find out how long all phone lines were busy and what percentage of the calls during that time were incoming versus outgoing.







IT serviceMeasurable Productivity

Extension call time & count report

Compare salespeople by the amount of time on the phone or by the number of calls made for the same time period.

In our example we find that extension 520 spent the least amount of time on the phone but made the highest number of calls. 520 happened to be a new employee in need of additional training while 509 made fewer calls but spent more time on the phone making the most sales.