Appointment Reminder

IT serviceYou Have An Appointment!

Appointment Reminder uses the power of the internet and telephony to bring you a powerful software for your business. Clients forgetting when to arrive? This software combines together with your current scheduling software to automatically contact your customers prior to their appointment utilizing the technology of their choice. Appointment Reminder can call and leave a pre-recorded message, text message, and email your clients. This software is perfect for doctors, attorneys, consultants, delivery specialists, hair stylists or any business that makes appointments with clients. Customers missing appointments? Increase return on investment with lowered missed appointments and increased employee productivity. Contact us for more information.


Click for an example of a pre-recorded message:


IT serviceHow it Works

Appointment Reminder installs on a Windows server or computer and seamlessly integrates with your current scheduling software. It will connect to the internet and VoIP telephony to call, text, and email individualized messages. This software is completely customizable and can be setup to remind your customer with the day of the week, time of the appointment, and service provided for them.